CFC Academy



In early 2012 Chattanooga FC hosted a “Soccer Summit” bringing together over 30 of the city’s soccer coaches to discuss how best to raise the quality of youth players in Chattanooga. What came out of that summit was a mandate to create a more unified system for youth players across the city. As the city’s leading soccer entity, Chattanooga FC stepped up to create a new youth select club, Chattanooga FC Academy.

CFC Vision

CFC Academy’s vision is to foster a stronger community in Chattanooga by building relationships through the sport of soccer, the world’s game

Mission Statement

CFC Academy develops soccer players of a wide range of ages in the Chattanooga region through a unified system of coaches,teams,training, and facilities. Working alongside the Chattanooga community, we serve all youth, regardless of race,creed or socioeconomic background- creating progressive and innovative opportunities for them to grow and excel in soccer skills, in the delight of play, in the discipline of team work, and in the benefits of dedication to the sport.