Chattanooga FC at  New Orleans Jesters


Tie 1-1

Pan American Stadium, New Orleans LA


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    Starting XI for CFC GK Baker D: Lever, Yuhaschek, Dunstan, Reynolds M: Bywater, Hernandez, DeSmedt, Oliveira F: Antonio, Carrier

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    CFC goal! Carrier with a feathery through ball that finds a streaking Antonio who takes 2 touches into area and beats NOLA GK low & left, CFC leads 1-0

  • 31:00

    GOAL NOLA 1-1… Goal was from free kick that went right under the wall and squirted into right side netting, possibly an intentionally low shot on set play. Not sure how that got in.

  • 42:00

    Danny Reynolds is fouled hard and is down on the pitch, was elbowed in face, NOLA player receives yellow card caution.

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    HALFTIME WHISTLE BLOWS CFC level with New Orleans Jesters 1-1 after a muggy, physical 45 minutes.

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    Oliveira shown a yellow card caution after a dead ball (dissension)

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    CFC SUB IN: Danny Whitehall, David Perez OUT: Felipe Oliveira, Felipe Antonio

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    CFC SUB In: Peter Pearson Out: Juanito Hernandez

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    CFC SUB In: Sindre Welo Out: Leo DeSmedt

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    FULL TIME CALLED CFC draws 1-1 against New Orleans Jesters

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