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Save money when you bundle 10 flex tickets. Use them for any game and in combination. Go to 10 games by yourself, take someone with you to 5 games, take 9 friends to one game, or any other combination. 

Are Flex tickets for all ages?
Anyone can use Flex Tickets! Flex Tickets are for all ages.

How do Flex Tickets work?
Purchase your Flex Tickets package (they come in packs of 10), and you will receive an email confirmation with all the details on how to turn your Flex Tickets into tickets for your actual game tickets.  Flex Tickets can be redeemed at or by calling the CFC Ticket Office (423) 708-GOAL no later than 5:00pm the day before your match. PLEASE NOTE THAT FLEX TICKETS CANNOT BE REDEEMED AT THE BOX OFFICE AT FINLEY STADIUM.  More details can be found here.

How many times can a Flex Ticket be used?
Each Flex Ticket can be used one time.

How many Flex Tickets can I use at a time?
There is no minimum nor maximum to the number of Flex Tickets that can be used for any given qualifying game. For example, you can use just one Flex Ticket one game, and then you and four friends can use four more the next game.

Do Flex Tickets expire?
Flex Tickets are good for any qualifying game in 2023. After 2023, any 2023 Flex Tickets purchased will not be valid. A qualifying game is any game where season tickets are also eligible. 

How much do Flex Tickets packages cost?
Flex Ticket packages contain 10 Flex Tickets and cost $120.

Can I buy just one Flex Ticket?
No, Flex Tickets are sold in packages of 10 only.

It looks like a Flex Ticket costs about $12 per ticket…is that a better deal than season tickets?
No, the season ticket per game cost is our lowest per game cost and is therefore our best deal. 

Why do you call them Flex Tickets?
We call them Flex Tickets because they are so awesome that they make us want to flex our ticketing muscles (what little we have, but hey) to show off what a sweet deal they are.

If I post a picture to social media and tag Chattanooga FC and use the hashtag #CFCFlexTickets, will you repost it?
If you are flexing in the photo (and your muscles are not so big that they embarrass our ticketing staff muscles) then we’ll try our best. The better the #FlexFace, the higher your probability of going viral is.