CFC plays its longest season: 31 total games

CFC played Real Betis from La Liga in a friendly
CFC wins its seventh
NPSL Southeast Conf. title
It was the club’s last season in the NPSL

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7W - 1D - 2L · NPSL Regular Season
2W - 0D - 1L · NPSL Playoff Matches
4W - 2D - 4L · Founder’s Cup Season
0W - 1D - 2L · International Friendlies
3W - 2D - 0L · Exhibition Matches
16W - 6D - 9L · All Competitions

2019 Notable Players:

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2019 total home attendance was 50,980 in 18 matches.

2019 Roster
Nathaniel Bedai, Caleb Cole, Joao Costa, Phil D’amico, Jordan Dunstan, Jose “Zeca” Ferraz, Gabriel Gonzalez, Juan Hernandez, Joao Johanning, Jowayne Laidley, Abraham Lansana, Everson Lima, Genki Miyachi, Ruben Morillas, Felipe Oliveira, Juan Sanchez, Markus Smarzoch, Gabriel Torres, Daniel Valenciano, Mason Walsh, Torge Weidenroth, Alun Webb, Max Wilschrey, Cameron Woodfin, Soren Yuhaschek.

The 2019 Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Bill Elliott; Associate Head Coach: Peter Fuller; Goalkeeper Coach: Jordan Mattheiss.


First draw vs MLS team: 1-1 vs FC Dallas
CFC wins Southeast Conference regular season
CFC loses in Conference Championship over controversial penalties

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8W - 4D - 1L · NPSL Regular Season
1W - 0D - 1L · NPSL Playoff Matches
1W - 2D - 2L · Exhibition Matches
10W - 6D - 5L · All Competitions

2018 Notable Players:

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2018 total home attendance was 47,530 in 10 matches.

2018 Roster
Pierre Bocquet, John Carrier, Charlie Clarke, Caleb Cole, Joao Costa, Nick Croucher, Phil D’Amico, Jordan Dunstan, Dino Jones, Jose “Zeca” Ferraz, Damian Gaona, Gabriel Gonzalez, Tom Halsall, Juan Hernandez, Michael Hornsby, Everson Lima, Santiago Moore, Felipe Oliveira, Humberto Palaez, David Perez, Niklas Rasch-Hegelund, Steven Rocca, Jonathan Ricketts, Stephen Ricketts, Juan Sanchez, Daniel Valenciano, Luke Winter, Cameron Woodfin, Soren Yuhaschek.

The 2018 Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Bill Elliott; Assistant Coach: Jimmy Weekley; Goalkeeper Coach: Jordan Mattheiss.


First match vs MLS team, Atlanta United, in front of 12,484
CFC loses in first round of NPSL Conference Playoffs
CFC finishes 9W - 4D - 5L

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6W - 4D - 2L · NPSL Regular Season
0W - 0D - 1L · US Open Cup Playoffs
1W - 0D - 0L · International Friendlies
0W - 0D - 1L · NPSL Playoff Matches
1W - 0D - 1L · Exhibition Matches
9W - 4D - 5L · All Competitions

2017 Notable Players:

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2017 total home attendance was 47,924 in 10 matches.

2017 Roster
Matt Aldred, Felipe Antonio, Othello Bah, Chris Baker, Kieran Bywater, John Carrier, Charlie Clarke, Caleb Cole, Carlos De La Blanc, Leo Desmedt, Jordan Dunstan, Jose “Zeca” Ferraz, Jon Finlay, Pierre Gardan, Samuel Goni, Juan Hernandez, Dino Jones, Jacob Lever, Darwin Lom, Josiah McDaniel, Felipe Oliveira, Paulo Pita, Pete Pearson, David Perez, Danny Reynolds, Jonathan Ricketts, Stephen Ricketts, Kevin Roenpage, Marc Tautz, Sindre Welo, Danny Whitehall, Jerry Wiltshire, Luke Winter, Cameron Woodfin, Jake Young, Soren Yuhaschek.

The 2017 Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Bill Elliott; Assistant Coach: Jimmy Weekley; Goalkeeper Coach: Jordan Mattheiss.


CFC loses in NPSL National Semifinal in front of 12,251
Runner up in the USASA Amateur National Championship
Wins third NPSL South Region title and sixth Southeast Conf. title
CFC finishes as NPSL National Semifinalist, 15W - 2D - 4L

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9W - 1D - 0L · NPSL Regular Season
1W - 0D - 1L · US Open Cup Playoffs
1W - 0D - 1L · USASA Amateur Championship
0W - 1D - 1L · International Friendlies
4W - 0D - 1L · NPSL Playoff Matches
15W - 2D - 4L · All Competitions

2016 Notable Players:

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2016 total home attendance was 76,983 in 15 matches.

2016 Roster
Matt Aldred, Othello Bah, Michael Brooks, Jr., Kieran Bywater, John Carrier, Caleb Cole, Snoopy (John) Davidson, Andre DiGiorgi, Jordan Dunstan, Rene Enang, Jose “Zeca” Ferraz, Jon Finlay, Samuel Goni, Liam Guest, Tom Halsall, Greg Hartley, Thomas Hunter, Juan Hernandez, Daniel Kubin, Francisco Maciel, Danny McBride, Bryson Moore, Alejandro Pastor, David Perez, Kobe Perez, Carl Reynolds, Danny Reynolds, Jonathan Ricketts, Stephen Ricketts, Ellis Roberts, Kevin Roenpage, Will Roberts, Luis Trude, Sindre Welo, Luke Winter, Jake Young, Soren Yuhaschek.

The 2016 Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Bill Elliott; Assistant Coach: Jimmy Weekley; Goalkeeper Coach: Jordan Mattheiss.


CFC wins the USASA Amateur National Championship
CFC hosts NPSL National Finals in front of 18,227 fans
The team defeats second pro opponent in US Open Cup
Wins second NPSL South Region title and fifth Southeast Conf. title
CFC finishes as NPSL National Finalist, 17W - 1D - 3L

First National Championship: 2015 US Soccer Amateur National Champions · Five-time NPSL Southeast Conference Champions (four in a row) · Two-time NPSL South Region Champions · Advanced farthest in US Open Cup play in club history: 3 rounds, before losing in overtime to NASL Pro Atlanta 2-1 · First NPSL team to defeat a pro team in US Open Cup tournament two years in a row (Wilmington) · Most games in a season: 21 · Most wins in a season: 17 · Tied Most Goals in a season: 51 goals · Most post-season / tournament victories in club history: 9 (5 NPSL, 2 US Open Cup, 2 Amateur Cup) · Record attendance at the NPSL National Chapionship Match: 18,227 · Only 16 goals allowed in 20 games · Only NPSL team to go to four National Championship games · Third National Final match in just four seasons · Four trophies won for the club in 2015 · NPSL Coach of the Year Award· NPSL Goalkeeper of the Year Award

The NPSL had exploded from 57 teams in 2014 to 92 teams in 2015.

8W - 1D - 1L · NPSL Regular Season
2W - 0D - 1L · US Open Cup Playoffs
2W - 0D - 0L · USASA Amateur Championship
5W - 0D - 1L · NPSL Playoff Matches
17W - 1D - 3L · All Competitions

2015 Notable Players:

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2015 total home attendance was 65,421 in 14 matches.

2015 Roster
Mohamed Aden, Matt Aldred, Othello Bah, Chris Baker, Michael Brooks, Jr., Louis Chandler, Leo De Smedt, Jordan Dunstan, Nick Edgington, Irvin Espinal, Jose “Zeca” Ferraz, Jon Finlay, Samuel Goni, Juan Hernandez, Tom Halsall, Greg Hartley, Stephen Hohn, Jack Hopkins, James Moore, Chris Ochieng, Adam Reakes, Sias Reyneke, Nathanial Scere, Luis Trude, Luke Winter.

The 2015 Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Bill Elliott; Assistant Coach: Jimmy Weekley; Goalkeeper Coach: Jordan Mattheiss.


CFC defeats first pro opponent in the US Open Cup
Chattanooga FC wins NPSL Southeast Conference (4th time)
Wins first NPSL South Region Title
CFC sets attendance record with 8,878 in National Semifinals
CFC finishes as NPSL National Finalist, 15W - 2D - 3L

2014 Summary
Head Coach Bill Elliott returned to lead the club for a third season. Notable absences from the roster were longtime goalkeeper Thomas Hunter and five-season veteran Fynn Glover – who made his last appearance for the team playing in the US Open Cup match vs Atlanta Silverbacks. Notable newcomers were defender Jordan Dunstan, and midfielders Leo DeSmedt and Niall McCabe. All three would go on to play professional soccer after leaving the club.

2014 was a season of firsts:
First US Open Cup victory in club history: CFC 3-1 Wilmington Hammerheads (USL Pro), becoming the first NPSL team to defeat a pro team in US Open Cup tournament

First time ever to play an NASL pro team (Atlanta Silverbacks) on May 25, 2014

Most games in a season: 20

Most wins in a season: 15

Most Goals in a season: 51 goals in 20 games

Most post-season / tournament victories in club history: 6 (5 NPSL, 1 US Open Cup)

Record attendance at the NPSL National Semifinal Match: 8,878, Finley Stadium, July 26, 2014

Only 19 goals allowed in 20 games, only 13 allowed in 18 games of NPSL play

Third consecutive NPSL Southeast Conference Championship (and fourth overall)

First NPSL South Region Championship

Third National Final match in just six seasons

Three trophies won for the club in 2014

9W - 2D - 1L · NPSL Regular Season
1W - 0D - 1L · US Open Cup Playoffs
5W - 0D - 1L · NPSL Playoff Matches
15W - 3D - 3L · All Competitions

2014 Notable Players:

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2014 total home attendance was 37,245 in 12 matches.

2014 Roster
Nate Adams, Mohamed Aden, Michael Brooks, John Carrier, Thibault Charmey, Leo DeSmedt, Jordan Dunstan, Jose “Zeca” Ferraz, Gabe Franco, Jorge Gonzalez Giron, Fynn Glover, Joel Glover, Tom Halsall, Greg Hartley, Ivan Heredia, Andy Ingram, Chris Lavie, Wil Linder, Niall McCabe, Cameron McCaslin, Bryson Moore, James Moore, Chris Ochieng, Adam Reakes, Sias Reyneke, Andy Stewart, Gustavo Angel Tamayo, Luis Trude, Luke Winter.

The 2014 Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Bill Elliott; Assistant Coach: Jimmy Weekley; Goalkeeper Coach: Jordan Matthiess.


CFC returns to the US Open Cup
Chattanooga FC wins NPSL Southeast Conference (3rd time)
GK Greg Hartley saves 3 PKs in Region Semifinal
2013 record of 7W - 3D - 3L

2013 Summary
Head Coach Bill Elliott returned for his second season and picked up where he had left off – leading the club to another very competitive finish, with a second consecutive Conference Championship and the first trip to the South Region Championship. Notable absences from last year’s roster were founding players Russell Courtney and Moises Drumond along with a 3-season veteran Nick Chase. Notable newcomers would be two French nationals, Thibault Charmey and Samuel Mansour and a Brazilian called “Zeca” (Jose Ferraz).

Chattanooga FC finished the season with 7 wins, 4 ties and 3 losses, and only 1 of those losses came in NPSL league play. The club won its second consecutive Southeast Conference in dramatic fashion with an 87th minute goal by Michael Brooks at home vs New Orleans on the final regular season game (claiming its third title in just five seasons).

South Region Semifinal in Tulsa
By winning the Southeast, CFC earned a berth in the NPSL South Region Semifinal and defeated Tulsa Athletics in Tulsa — the highest scoring team in the South Region — 3-0 in penalty kicks. While the entire defense shone in that game, it was goalkeeper Greg Hartley who stole the show by blocking three straight penalty kicks!

South Region Final in Richmond
In the South Region Championship, the team lost in a close 1-0 game, traveling away yet again to RVA (the eventual NPSL National Champions). The game was a defensive battle, and not without controversy, as a clear and obvious hand ball by RVA in their own box went uncalled by the officials in the waning minutes of the match.

US Open Cup
The team also competed in the longest running tournament in the US: The Lamar Hunt US Open Cup. The playoffs include amateur, semi-pro and pro teams alike, such as USL-Pro, the NASL and even Major League Soccer teams. Competing in its second US Open Cup, CFC travelled to Greensboro, NC to face the 2012 PDL National Finalists, Carolina Dynamo. CFC came from behind, then gave up two leads to end deadlocked 4-4 at the end of over time, ultimately losing 4-1 in penalties. The team also qualified for the 2014 US Open Cup by winning the NPSL Southeast.

6W - 3D - 1L · NPSL League Matches
0W - 0D - 1L · US Open Cup Playoffs
1W - 0D - 1L · NPSL Playoff Matches
7W - 3D - 3L · All Competitions

See all the 2013 results here. Click on individual matches for highlights.

2013 Notable Players:
Greg Hartley’s performance in the South Region Semifinal was standout: he kept the highest scoring team in the NPSL scoreless through regulation and extra time, then saved all three penalty kicks taken for the away win! The defense was stellar overall as they only allowed nine goals in thirteen matches (0.69 avg) and only five goals in all NPSL matches (0.42 avg). Offensively, Luke Winter led the way with 5 goals and 6 assists. Ochieng, Zeca and Charmey contributed four goals each and eight assists between them.

2013 total home attendance was 12,665 over five matches.

The 2013 Roster:
Nate Adams, Mohamed Aden, Sam Barnsley, Phil Beene, Michael Brooks, Builder Brock, John Carrier, Thibault Charmey, Nick Chase, Jose “Zeca” Ferraz, Jamie Garcia, Fynn Glover, Clay Green, Greg Hartley, Nate Hodges, Matt Hudnutt, Thomas Hunter, Lance Hutchinson, Brent Lesnick, Wil Linder, Clark Lydon, Samuel Mansour, Orlando, Chris Ochieng, Nickson Odeny, Alex Pratt, Adam Reakes, Sias Reyneke, Andy Stewart, Matt Watts, Ben Wilks, Luke Winter.

The 2013 Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Bill Elliott; Assistant Coach: Jimmy Weekley; Goalie Coach: Richard Northcutt.


Bill Elliott becomes Head Coach

Chattanooga FC wins NPSL Southeast Conference (2nd time)
CFC finishes as an NPSL National Finalist, 8W - 3D - 3L

2012 Summary
After the disappointing finish to the 2011 season – CFC having three chances to clinch the conference title and failing to get one win out of those three – Coach Brian Crossman was asked to step down. The club hired former Tennessee Vol and Chattanooga Express (pro) soccer player Bill Elliott to coach the club. Elliott had been Head Coach for NCAA Div. II University of West Florida for the past 19 years. Elliott grew up in Chattanooga and still had family living in the city.

Elliott’s very first match was a 1-0 loss in Finley Stadium on May 5 in front of 3,827 fans. While not the homecoming he might have wanted, he quickly turned things around and proceeded to go undefeated for the next 11 matches in league play.

Notable Absences and Newcomers
Notable absences from the roster were midfielder Ivan Heredia, star forward Chris Ochieng (the club’s leading scorer) and dynamic midfielder James Moore both went to play for the PDL’s Mississippi Brilla. Notable newcomers would be John Carrier, Greg Hartley, Luis Trude and Snoop Davidson, who would all make contributions to the club’s success in years to come. Sean McFarlane spent only part of the season with club as he made appearances with the Jamaican National team over the summer.

The NPSL Regular Season
The NPSL was growing (up to 54 teams from 43 the previous year) and so was the Southeast Conference. Myrtle Beach Mutiny and Mississippi Storm joined the returning conference clubs from 2011, so the conference was divided into East and West Divisions. Teams would play those in the same division both home and away and then would play teams from the other division just once. The winners of the two divisions would meet in a Conference Championship.

DC United Super 20s
CFC did not compete in the US Open Cup in 2012, missing the chance for qualification by not winning the Southeast Conference in 2011. CFC also did not play any international friendlies in 2012. The club did play an exhibition match against the DC United Super 20s, this time hosting them and coach Jaime Moreno in Finley Stadium on June 17. DC United got the win over CFC 2-0, accounting for the only loss for the team between May 12th and July 27th.

NPSL Southeast Conf. Championship
CFC won the West Division of the Southeast Conference, but came in second in points to East Division Champion Georgia Revolution, so the Conference Championship was played away in Conyers, GA on July 13.

Well over CFC 100 fans made the trek south to watch the match, which was delayed over two hours due to lightning, with kickoff finally coming at 9:30 pm. The match was aggressive, end to end play, with both clubs creating chances – the biggest one coming right before half time for the Revolution in the form of a penalty kick. As he would do often in seasons to come, goalkeeper Greg Hartley read the kick correctly and saved the shot to keep the game scoreless at the half.

The second half continued at the same pace as the first. But in the 72nd minute, Luis Trude dribbled artfully past several Revs, weaving in and out of defenders with seeming ease — to coolly place the ball into the net, putting the first goal on the scoreboard. The battle intensified and tempers flared, and while both clubs had chances for more, the final whistle saw the score just 1-0. CFC captured it’s second Southeast Conference Championship in just four years, and guaranteed themselves a spot in the US Open Cup tournament in 2013. The win also advanced the club to the NPSL National Semifinals in San Diego two weeks later.

NPSL National Semifinals and Finals
Sadly, the long travel distance to San Diego and the late date of the National playoffs kept many CFC players – and starters – from making the trip. College players like Snoop Davidson and Carl Reynolds were called back to college training camps. Working professionals like Fynn Glover, Irvin Espinal, Michael Brooks and Greg Eckhardt were also unable to make the trip. So a small squad of just fourteen players made the journey to the NPSL playoffs.

On July 27, a beautiful evening in southern California, CFC took the field to face the second ranked Bay Area Ambassadors in the second semifinal match of the day. The match was exciting an full of energy. CFC struck first, scoring in the 11th and 32nd minutes to take a 2-0 lead into halftime. The Ambassadors brought new intensity to the second half and scored in the 70th minute. This emboldened the Bay Area squad and as they looked to score a tying goal, Luis Trude danced the ball into the goal in the 79th, giving CFC the 3-1 lead. Trude was injured on the play and had to be subbed out. The Ambassadors nabbed one more late goal in 88th minute, but could not complete the comeback. CFC advances with a 3-2 win.

With Trude hurt, the club was down to 13 men. Sean McFarlane flew in from Jamaican National Team duty to help bolster the club’s attack in the Finals. FC Sonic from the Lehigh Valley met CFC on a sunny afternoon to battle for the title. The match was choppy, with neither side able to really find a rhythm. In the end, FC Sonic had just enough to get the 1-0 victory with a goal in the 72nd minute and a stalwart defense. For the second time in three years CFC was the runner-up, not the champion.

6W - 3D - 1L · NPSL League Matches
2W - 0D - 1L · NPSL Playoffs
0W - 0D - 1L · Exhibition Matches
8W - 3D - 3L · All Competitions

See all the 2012 results here. Click on individual matches for highlights.

2012 Notable Players:

Goalie Greg Hartley won the starting position and allowed only 11 goals in 13 matches (0.84 avg). Luke Winter came into his own, scoring a team leading 9 goals for the club – three straight games with hat tricks in NPSL League play. John Carrier and Luis Trude brought dynamic play to the midfield and Greg Eckhardt contributed solid defending. Sean McFarlane only spent one year with CFC, but he would go on to play with the Colorado Switchbacks of the USL, Miami FC of the NASL & NPSL (2019 NPSL Champions) and Austin Bold of the USL.

2012 total home attendance was 10,065 over six matches.

2012 Roster:
Mohammed Aden, Phil Beene, Builder Brock, Michael Brooks, John Carrier, Nick Chase, Russell Courtney, Snoopy (John) Davidson, Craig Demelo, Moises Drumond, Greg Eckhardt, Irvin Espinal, Rafa Faria, Reed Farnsley, Fynn Glover, Greg Hartley, Nate Hodges, Jame Holt, Matt Hudnut, Thomas Hunter, Josh Johnson, Felipe Lawall, Sean McFarlane, Jarod Muggleton, Grant Rardon, Matt Reed, Carl Reynolds, Matias Rubio, Karter Smith, Andy Stewart, Luis Trude, Luke Winter.

The 2012 Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Bill Elliott; Assistant Coach: Jimmy Weekley; Goalie Coach: Brian Rook.

CFC Related News in 2012:

The club launched the new youth soccer club Chattanooga FC Academy in mid-2012 in an effort to unite various select soccer clubs across the city. While the Academy bore the Chattanooga FC name, the club had only one representative out of the initial seven board seats.

The club was also instrumental in organizing a friendly match between the Mexican Primera Division sides Club America and FC Pachuca on July 7 in Finley Stadium. Club America won 1-0 in an exciting match in front of 10,000+ fans.


Chattanooga FC wins NPSL Southeast US Open Cup qualifying tournament
Dramatic extra time loss in US Open Cup 3-2
Win in second international friendly, 3-2 over CF Monterrey U20s
Disappointing 2nd place finish in conference, 8W - 2D - 4L

2011 Summary
The 2011 began with high hopes, as much of the 2010 National Finalist team returned for another season. Notable absences were Richard Masters, Fynn Glover, Luis Salazar and Tim Sparks. Notable newcomers were Mark Sherrod, James Moore and Luke Winter.

The NPSL Southeast saw some changes with new teams Georgia Revolution, Jacksonville United and Knoxville Force joining, and with an old foe, Atlanta FC, merging with the NASL’s Silverbacks to form the Atlanta Silverbacks Reserves squad.

NPSL Southeast Conf. US Open Cup Qualifiers
After beginning the regular season with two wins and a draw (away to Atlanta), the team jumped into an NPSL Southeast Conference US Open Cup qualifying tournament. The winner would represent the conference in the nation’s oldest soccer tournament, one featuring the best teams from both amateur and professional ranks. Chattanooga FC dispatched Rocket City United 2-0 in the semifinal on Saturday and moved on to face the Atlanta Silverbacks Reserves in the championship match on Sunday.

While the teams had met just one week earlier, the Atlanta side featured many new faces – undoubtedly from the reserves of the professional NASL side. From the start the match was hotly contested, with both sides playing aggressively. The end of regulation had seen six yellow cards and a red card for the Atlanta coach, with both sides in a 0-0 deadlock. Needing a winner, the match went into two extra time halves of fifteen minutes each. The first half of extra time ended scoreless, with both sides looking exhausted. As the last minutes of extra time drained away, a Chattanooga free kick was played to the far post in the 118th minute. Defender Russell Courtney headed the ball back across the goal to a wide open Chris Ochieng who paused, then calmly chipped the ball over a diving goalie for the winning goal.

A week later, the club suffered its first league loss in over a year away to Jacksonville United. After picking up an away win in Huntsville against Rocket City, the team headed off to face the Pittsburgh Riverhounds in its first ever US Open Cup match.

US Open Cup v Pittsburgh Riverhounds
Playing against its first ever full professional opponent, CFC held its own in the opening minutes, looking very much like it belonged on the field. In the 13th minute, midfielder Ivan Heredia saw the keeper off his line and dropped a 40 yard pass into the goal to give CFC the 1-0 lead. CFC kept that lead into the half and came out swinging. In the 68th minute forward Chris Ochieng found Mark Beattie who slotted home a second goal to put CFC up 2-0.

Sensing trouble, Pittsburgh made three substitutions that proved the key for the match. The subs connected for a goal in the 83rd minute, and then snatched a tying goal at the last breath of the game, in the 89th minute. Clearly shaken, CFC held on until extra time, but ended up conceding on more goal to lose 3-2 at the end of 120 minutes.

Disappointment in the NPSL Season
The team returned to league play, winning two more matches to move into first place – with one win out of their final three games, the club would clinch the conference title. Away to Georgia Revolution resulted in only a draw 1-1. The next week at home against the same Revolution side saw CFC start off shockingly bad, going down 3-0 in the first 53 minutes of play. Aggressive substitutions saw CFC pour in three goals in a row to level the score, with all the players pushing for the winner. But the push left the back open for a counter attack, and Georgia scored the game winner in the 84th minute. It was CFC’s first loss at home in over two years.

The team could still clinch the title in its final away match in Knoxville, but first it would play its second ever international friendly against CF Monterrey U20s from Mexico. CFC’s second team got some valuable play time and won a back and forth match on Tom Webster’s lovely goal in the 85th minute.

The season ended in disappointment as Knoxville Force pulled out a surprising 2-1 win. While CFC way outshot the Force, former CFC backup Wezley Barnard played the game of his life for Knoxville and CFC lost the conference title to Jacksonville United FC. Jacksonville went on to win the NPSL National Championship in 2011.

5W - 2D - 3L · NPSL League Matches
2W - 0D - 0L · US Open Cup Qualifying Playoffs
0W - 0D - 1L · US Open Cup Playoffs
1W - 0D - 0L · International friendly Matches
8W - 2D - 4L · All Competitions

See all the 2011 match results here. Click on individual matches for highlights.

2011 Notable Players

Chris Ochieng returned to his goal-scoring ways, netting 8 goals and 4 assists in 2011. Thomas Hunter stepped into the goal allowing only 13 goals in 13 matches (1.0 avg). James Moore and Luke Winter made their debuts for the club and would go on to be regular starters for the team in years to come. Mark Sherrod returned to the University of Memphis to lead them in scoring, and eventually played in the MLS for the Houston Dynamo and the San Jose Earthquakes.

2011 total home attendance was 11,649 over nine matches.

2011 Roster
Mohamed Aden, Julian Allgeier, Wezley Barnard, Mark Beattie, Phil Beene, Michael Brooks, John Calderwood, Nick Chase, Thomas Clark, Frank Cope, Russell Courtney, Moises Drumond, Irvin Espinal, Mac Gambill, Thomas Gareau, Carlos Gutierrez, Aldo Heredia, Ivan Heredia, Robbie Hill, Thomas Hunter, Nihod Kanjesic, Cody McCoy, James Moore, Chris Ochieng, Nick Odeny, Ryan Peck, Blake Pelton, David Pifer, Rodrigo Pigatto, Nori Rahbe, Juan Robles, Jose Robles, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Sherrod, Josh Shields, Andy Stewart, Daniel Tackling, Logan Threadgill, Tom Webster, Luke Winter.

The 2011 Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Brian Crossman; Assistant Coach: Jimmy Weekley; Goalie Coach: Scott Bosgraf; Manager: Chris Cushenbery.

CFC Related News in 2011:

On March 6 the club helped to host an MLS pre-season exhibition match between the New England Revolution and the Columbus Crew in Finley Stadium. The Revolution won 2-1 in front of 4,379.


Chattanooga FC wins Southeast Conference of the NPSL
First international match vs FC Atlas U23 (MEX): 2-1 win in front of 6,317 fans
CFC finishes as an NPSL National Finalist, 8W - 2D - 2L

2010 Summary
The 2010 season, held the summer of the 2010 World Cup, the team continued to play in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) which had four conferences and 31 teams nationwide. The season started with an away match at Atlanta FC on May 22 and a win.

The next weekend the club hosted its very first international friendly against FC Atlas U23s from Monterrey, Mexico. Ivan Heredia of CFC had played for Atlas in earlier in his career and helped to coordinate the match. There was much excitement in the Mexican community about the game and the match day of May 29 (the Saturday before Memorial Day) made for a great attendance – with 6,317 coming to watch CFC pull out a surprising 2-1 victory.

Riding the wave of World Cup excitement, the team went on to go undefeated in conference play. Chattanooga FC won the Southeast Conference outright with a record of 6 wins, 2 ties, and 0 losses. By winning the Southeast Conference, the team qualified for the NPSL National Semifinal match, hosted by Rocket City United in Madison, Alabama.

DC United Super 20s
The week before the semifinal, the team traveled to Washington, D.C. for a friendly match against DC United’s Super 20 squad, thanks to coordination from VW who sponsored both clubs. Chattanooga FC played in RFK Stadium on a sweltering July 24 afternoon, losing 3-0 and losing starting defender Russell Courtney to a knee injury. This – combined with an injury earlier where starting striker Chris Ochieng suffered a broken ankle during a scrimmage – would have implications in the next two matches.

NPSL National Championship
On Thursday, July 29 CFC took on NPSL Midwest Conference Champions, Madison 56ers, in the National Semifinal. Chattanooga FC defeated a very talented Madison team 2-0 with goals from Thomas Clark and Robbie Hill to advance to the National Championship on Saturday night.

Over 600 CFC fans made the two hour trip to Madison, AL to watch the NPSL National Championship against Sacramento Gold, champions of the West Conference. While things started brightly for CFC with Fynn Glover’s goal in the 12th minute, their fortune changed dramatically by the end of the half. Sacramento scored two goals in as many minutes to take the lead 2-1. But the half was not over, Sacramento had a player shown the red card for a hard foul just before the break.

Sacramento did not seem to be phased at playing a man down and continued to attack the goal throughout the second half. After a foul in the box, it seemed that CFC might be able to equalize with a penalty kick. The penalty was saved by the Gold keeper and in the waning minutes of the game, Sacramento added a third goal to seal the win, 3-1.

Chattanooga FC finished the season with a record of 8-2-2 and the club’s first two trophies – for the Conference Championship and as National Finalist.

6W - 2D - 0L · NPSL League Matches
1W - 0D - 1L · NPSL Playoffs
1W - 0D - 0L · International Friendly Matches
0W - 0D - 1L · Exhibition Matches
8W - 2D - 2L · All Competitions

See the 2010 season results here. Click on individual matches for highlights.

2010 Notable Players
Newcomers Chrispin Ochieng and Luis Salazar led in scoring and assists, with 6 goals by Ochieng and 4 assists by Salazar. Keeper Richard Masters allowed only 10 goals in 12 matches, averaging 0.83 goals per game. Noteworthy players include newcomers Andy Stewart (D), Drew Courtney (M), Luis Salazar (M), Robbie Hill (F), Chris Ochieng (F) and returning starters Russell Courtney (D), Fynn Glover (M), Sasha Viatrov (M), and Moises Drummond (F).

2010 total home attendance was 20,8014 over five games.

2010 Roster
Wezley Barnard, Phil Beene, Nick Chase, Thomas Clark, Russell Courtney, Moises Drummond, Irvin Espinal, Reed Farnsley, Mac Gambill, Travis Giles, Fynn Glover, Steve Harris, Aldo Heredia, Ivan Heredia, Robbie Hill, Thomas Hunter, Nate Kettenring, Richard Masters, Chris Ochieng, Ryan Peck, Blake Pelton, Luis Salazar, Josh Scott, Tim Sparks, Andrew Stewart, Aaron Stanton, Logan Threadgill, Sasha Viatrov, Jake Warren.

The 2010 Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Brian Crossman; Assistant Coach: Jimmy Weekley; Goalie Coach: Scott Bosgraf. Volunteer Assistants: Cullon Hooks, Chris Cushenbery.

CFC related news in 2010:

The club helped to host the U20 Men’s National teams from Mexico and Columbia in an international friendly match in Finley Stadium on a wet and frigid Nov 30 match.


Chattanooga FC joins the NPSL on January 15, 2009
First game May 16, 2009: a 3-1 loss in front of 1,650 fans
CFC finishes the league tied for second place, 4W - 1D - 3L

2009 Summary
On January 15, 2009 Krue Brock and Daryl Heald submitted an application and deposit to start an amateur men’s soccer team the National Premier Soccer League. Mark Duble delivered the application at the NCSAA National Convention. The NPSL had 27 teams and four conferences across the US.

After that Clark, Brock and Heald convinced Sheldon Grizzle, Tim Kelly, Paul Rustand, Marshall Brock and Sean McDaniel to help get the club launched. Covenant College’s Head Men’s Soccer Coach, John Migliarese agreed to be the head coach, and Baylor School’s Jimmy Weekley agreed to assist. Ben Crosland, Hamilton Brock, Angela McDaniel and Ben Johnson provided much needed help along the way.

The first tryouts were held at Camp Jordan on a frigid day in February. Soon after, Miglarese took a new college coaching job in Arkansas and had to leave before the season began. The very successful and experienced former Covenant College Men’s Soccer, Brian Crossman agreed to step in to lead the team. Scott Bosgraf, Cullen Hooks and Chris Cushenberry helped with assistant coaching duties throughout the summer.

The co-founders hoped to one day draw as many as perhaps 500 fans to a game, but at kickoff of the very first match, thunderstorms rolled in. After almost an hour of downpours and lightning storms, the team took the field in front of over 1,600 fans. Attendance grew with each successive home match, with over 3,000 attending the final home game of the season.

After losing the first two games, the team went on to win four, tie one and lose one in its last six matches, finishing tied for second in the NPSL Southeast Conference. Founders Thomas Clark and Sheldon Grizzle also played for the team.

4W - 1D - 3L · NPSL Regular Season/All Competitions

See the 2009 season results here. Click on individual matches to read match highlights.

2009 Notable Players
Omar Cooke led in goals with 4, and Ciaran Traquair led assists with 2. Noteworthy players include goalie Richard Masters, defenders Russell Courtney (Captain) and Tim Sparks, midfielders Fynn Glover, Ivan Heredia, Mark Beattie and Elliott Anderson, and strikers Omar Cooke, Daniel Tackling and Moises Drummond.

2009 total home attendance over 4 games was 8,038.

The 2009 Roster:
Mark Beattie; Ryan Berube; Rob Carden; Jesse Charles; Thomas Clark; Omar Cooke; Russell Courtney; Moises Drummond; Joshua Earl; Irvin Espinal; Sheldon Grizzle; Carlos Gutierrez; Aldo Heredia; Ivan Heredia; Josh Johnson; Casey Johnston; Richard Masters; Allen Medearis; Nickson Odeny; Ryan Peck; Blake Pelton; David Pifer; Aaron Stanton; Jake Warren; Daniel Tackling; Fynn Glover; Russell Courtney; Joshua Scott; John Simmons; Tim Sparks; Ciaran Traquair; Danny Van Valkenburg; Sasha Viatrov; Derek Wieldraayer.

The 2009 Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Brian Crossman; Assistant Coach: Jimmy Weekley; Goalie Coach: Scott Bosgraf. Volunteer Assistants: Cullon Hooks, Chris Cushenbery.


The idea for Chattanooga Football Club is born.

Thomas Clark, a former soccer player with the US Air Force and a Chattanooga transplant, tried out with an amateur soccer team in Birmingham, AL. The team was playing in the National Premier Soccer League, a league formed in 2003 as the Men’s Premier Soccer League (MPSL) which then became the NPSL in 2005.

Unhappy with having to travel two hours to play, Clark mentioned the idea of starting a team in the same league in Chattanooga to his friend, Krue Brock.

After Clark pitched the idea to Krue Brock and Daryl Heald, he told Sheldon Grizzle they wanted to see a business plan (late 2008) before moving forward. He put Sheldon in touch with Andy Zorovich, of the NPSL’s Rocket City United, who helped fill in some critical gaps in the business plan.

Thomas and Sheldon then went back to Krue and Daryl and pitched them with a bit more information about what it would take financially to run the first season. Krue and Daryl decided that “the time was right for the world’s game to come to Chattanooga” and gave the green light. The group then all went into recruitment mode to pull in anyone who would be willing to help.

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