To me, Black History is a celebration. We celebrate how far we have come, how others before us have paved the way and how what we do now will impact the generations behind us. So many brave women of color have come before me and paved the way for me to not only participate in soccer, but to give back to the soccer community as well.

Women like Kim Crabbe, Brianna Scurry, Shannon Boxx, Christina Ellertson, Sandra Yotz, Danesha Admas and many more. These wonderful women were a shining example for me as a young player and even now. They faced adversity from multiple angles and never let it hold them back. To be the first at anything, breaking the color barrier is such a heavy burden to bear. Representation matters, and it was inspiring as a child to see women that looked like me playing a sport that I loved.

Most times I was the only brown skinned player on the pitch. I noticed it quite a bit as I got older. My parents would tell me time and time again that I stood out for multiple reasons. But because I did, I would always have to work twice as hard as anybody else on and off the field. That message resonated even more as I transitioned into coaching. There are very few youth soccer coaches that look like me. I enjoy coaching and enjoy giving back to the game that I love.