The stage is set. No Matter What: The Rise of Chattanooga FC, the six episode documentary that follows Chattanooga Football Club throughout its inaugural first professional season, will premiere on WTCI-TV PBS on Thursday nights at 8 pm beginning on March 11th.

“Since 2009, The Chattanooga Football Club has invited the community to partner with them” said Bob Culkeen, President/CEO WTCI -PBS. “The Club remains focused on both excellence on the field of play and in the service they provide to the community. WTCI shares a similar mission. We are proud to partner with CFC to broadcast this docuseries showcasing the resilience of their team as they faced a pandemic and an incredibly challenging and uncertain season.”

The documentary, produced by local production company Superchief, follows Chattanooga’s Football Club through the entire 2020 campaign: from tryouts, the first match, the fallout from the pandemic, and the road back to competing on a national level, culminating with the team’s exciting run in the NISA Fall Championship Tournament.

“We know that CFC fans are really anticipating this glimpse behind the curtain of the 2020 season, and we are thrilled to be able to premiere it in the run up to the 2021 season” said Owen Seaton, Chief Marketing Officer of Chattanooga Football Club. “Presenting it in a commercial free format that is available to everyone in the Chattanooga area without cost is important to us and we are proud of our partnership with WTCI - PBS.

After the series airs, it will appear on streaming services which will be announced soon. The series will serve as a prologue to the Spring NISA season, which begins with a tournament held in Chattanooga starting April 13th-25th. Annual passes for the 2021 season are on sale now at