Chattanooga, TENN (April 4, 2012) – The Chattanooga Football Club is pleased to announce the Managing Board for its newly formed select club, CFC Academy. The nine members represent all facets of the Chattanooga soccer landscape. Individuals come from Chattanooga FC, East Ridge Soccer Association, Chattanooga United FC, Premier Soccer Academy, as well as from Lookout Mountain and Signal Mountain recreational leagues.
“We are very excited that our new board is such an experienced and diverse group,” said Chattanooga FC Board Member Paul Rustand. “Parents of players, parents of former players, coaches, administrators, former directors and soccer aficionados are all part of our team. We also have been delighted that so many organizations in the area are represented.”
The CFC Academy Board Members are:
Krue Brock, CFC Academy President
Karen Barrett
Trevin Bernarding
Neil Brunetz
Bill Fraser
Chris Gibson
Cullon Hooks
Stacey Sanders
Rick Shipner
Lisa Viland
CFC Academy Vision Statement:
CFC Academy’s vision is to foster a stronger community in Chattanooga by building relationships through the sport of soccer, the world’s game.
CFC Academy Mission Statement:
CFC Academy develops soccer players of a wide range of ages in the Chattanooga region through a unified system of coaches, teams, training and facilities. Working alongside the Chattanooga community, we serve all youth, regardless of race, creed or socioeconomic background – creating progressive and innovative opportunities for them to grow and excel in soccer skills, in the delight of play, in the discipline of team work, and in the benefits of dedication to the sport.
The board is now working to develop the infrastructure of the Academy organization as well as addressing all the technical aspects that are essential to running a select club. They are also working to define and hire for key positions, like Technical Director and Development Academy Director (ages 8-12). The CFC Academy board also wants to make efforts to reach out to all select and recreational soccer leagues, as well as any coaches or soccer supporters in the region, and encourages any of them interested in a relationship to feel free to contact the Academy.
“We’ve been meeting for three weeks to answer the questions, ‘Why have we launched this program?’ and ‘What benefit is it going to bring to the players and community?’” said Krue Brock, Chattanooga FC Board Member and CFC Academy President. “It’s very exciting to see such a varied group of people come together around the same hopes and goals for soccer in Chattanooga.”
The CFC Academy board wants the public to be aware that there are several steps that need to be taken before more information can be released. They hope that this will help answer some questions as to why they haven’t been able to divluge more up to this point. More will come as several important decisions are made in the coming weeks.

For more information contact:
Krue Brock