Chattanooga FC is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the North Georgia Soccer Academy that will enhance the level of play for both organizations. The agreement will allow the sharing of knowledge between coaches, staff and players, and will give NGSA players access to additional professional level coaching. Talented players will also have an opportunity to train with the professional team, while maintaining collegiate eligibility.

“Chattanooga FC is pleased to establish this affiliation with North Georgia Soccer Academy” said Jeremy Alumbaugh, Managing Director, Chattanooga FC. “It is evident that the leadership at North Georgia Soccer Academy understands the meaning of being a community soccer club and how involved you can be in all areas of your community. This partnership will be beneficial both on and off the field for both organizations. We look forward to helping NGSA continue on their already strong path of developing outstanding soccer players on the field and in the community.”

Community is a key focus for Chattanooga FC, a team founded eleven years ago as a conduit for community engagement across all areas of the tri-state region. Building our community through the global game of soccer is a core tenet of our mission, and something that was key in building this partnership with North Georgia Soccer Academy.

“Our North Georgia Soccer Academy is excited to learn from the CFC Pro coaching staff and administration as they will come and work with our NGSA Coaching staff and players” said Kerem Daser, Founder & Director of North Georgia Soccer Academy. “I am personally excited as I know CFC and NGSA will be great neighbors in Georgia and Tennessee and we can help reach our goals together. Our NGSA families will come out and support the CFC professional team, and I am very excited to work with everyone at CFC on some strategic partnerships and what we can do for soccer in our area.”

As part of the deal, Chattanooga FC will provide:

  • Coaching education and development

  • Insight into Club Development

  • Player training opportunities for players of all levels

  • Opportunities for players to train with the first team

As part of the agreement, both organizations will finalize strategic steps for the remainder of 2020 in the coming weeks. Initial plans are for NGSA players to have access to training opportunities with the Chattanooga FC technical staff and a coaching development program where best practices will be shared between the organizations.