Corner kicks are, in many ways, similar to the most unlikely of American Football plays. Hail Mary passes involve heaving a deep pass into traffic, where the attacking side hopes someone will emerge from the congestion and score. Although these kinds of efforts rarely work, the Chattanooga Football Club found a way to succeed on such a play in their 3-0 home win over Napa Valley.

The play began from the left side, where Cameron Woodfin struck a blooping corner kick toward the near post. The original target of the pass was unclear, and it quickly became entangled in the green and blue-clad forest. Anxious Chattanooga fans held their breath when the ball momentarily disappeared from view. None were silent for too long though, because Genki Miyachi quickly made the crowd of thousands roar with approval when he tapped the ball in for Chattanooga’s first score.

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