In advance of the season opener, we wanted to check in with Technical Director Bill Elliott about his new role and what this season holds for the club.

What are your primary responsibilities as Technical Director for CFC?

Up to this point the majority of my time has been spent evaluating and recruiting talent for Coach Fuller to review. I also go through game film with Coach Fuller and speak daily to review how things are going. I look forward to being in Chattanooga for training and ges each month as well.

This past month I enjoyed time on the field with them while they were in Florida for preseason. Working as a technical director is uncharted territory for me but I look forward to the challenge. Jeremy Alumbaugh has experience in this role and has been a tremendous addition mentoring me to this point. I am sure we will all settle in to our new roles soon enough and grow as a team over the course of this year.

What were the biggest challenges this offseason constructing the roster?

The biggest challenge was transitioning from a roster heavy with International players and finding ways to be creative within the seven international player roster limit in NISA.

We also face the challenge of entering a new league which means relearning the lay of the land on many levels. Otherwise our challenges were the same as most teams staying within a budget, applying for P1 visas etc..

What is the biggest difference on the pitch that fans will see this year from last?

Coach Fuller will be implementing his ideas more so the style could change a bit but the main thing fans will notice is a higher level of play as well as the competitiveness of the matches of professional clubs with professional players.

How different is it going to be for you not being on the sideline every match?

I am very thankful the club has given me the chance to remain in my position as head coach of UWF while remaining involved with CFC as the Technical Director. Having said that it is gut wrenching for me not to be on the practice field with the group everyday or on the sideline for all the games. However at the end of the day I still get to be involved in a meaningful way helping the club I love to represent my home town in the world of professional soccer.

What should we expect this weekend in Oakland?

I think fans need to be patient as we have still been sorting through contracts and final team selections this week for a variety of reasons. I believe the team will work hard and fight but they don’t know each other very well yet so it’s unrealistic to expect them to be a well oiled machine. To be on the road against a great organization like Oakland right out of the gate is a big mountain to climb. We always expect to get a result when we take the field but regardless of the result this weekend I do think the team will make great progress in the coming week.