Seafarers and NPSL teams have one thing in common: they both know that when you see the Fynn there’s trouble brewing in the waters. Fynn Glover is back, and he has already caused some alarm for Chattanooga FC opponents.

Fynn joined Chattanooga FC in its inaugural year, coming off a stint with the Nashville Metros, where he made the PDL National Team of the Week while racking up honors at The University of Richmond. An immediate Chattanooga favorite, Fynn’s presence on the field was always a concern for opponents, who were assuredly not surprised when Fynn became part of the NPSL All-Southeastern Conference team in 2009. 2010 was a big year for Fynn, as Chattanooga FC beat FC Atlas and broke attendance records for Finley Stadium and the National Premier Soccer League. But there was no sighting of Fynn in 2011, leaving opponents to feel that it was safe to go back into the water.

Last summer Fynn had to postpone his love of soccer and Chattanooga for a nationwide research expedition: Expedition Y. While Chattanooga FC fans were asking “Why isn’t Fynn here?” Fynn was asking “How can we make education better?” His exciting expedition included his brother Ry Glover and friend Russell Himelein: “We traveled 16,000 miles around North America and interviewed about 700 college students.” But Expedition Y was not just an extended chat session; this exciting project was a way for Fynn to provide a “quantifiable incentive for the outdoor industry, universities, public school systems, and public and private sectors to invest more skillfully and creatively in outdoor experiential education.” This soccer phenom has been doing more than just entertaining the masses with his unique style of play; he has been trying to improve education.

Fynn’s return to the Chattanooga pitch was met with enthusiasm by those who saw him play against Carson Newman on April 21. The second his free flowing mane was spotted on the pitch an excited rumble rose up from the Chattahooligans. Matt Coniglio was overhead saying “Brek Shea’s hair just got jealous ‘cause now Fynn Glover’s hair has more fans.” However, it was not the hair that was placing the ball into the right position on the field. Fynn’s feet did the talking as he consistently set up his teammates for shots on goal, something that is sure to happen repeatedly this season.

The official Fynn sighting begins on May 5, when Chattanooga FC takes on rival Knoxville Force.