The success of Chattanooga Football Club over the years can be attributed to a cast of great players, most recently the pairing of Juan Hernandez and Felipe Oliveira.

Hernandez and Oliveira are likely to be the next CFC players to turn pro, joining the likes of Mark Sherrod, Niall McCabe, Sean McFarlane, and Thomas Hunter, all players who have made the jump to the next level.

Hernandez has played for Chattanooga FC since 2015, where he has helped CFC win conference and regional titles and garnered 2016 All-NPSL Honorable Mention recognition. His intense work ethic and tricky footwork have made him a notable player and a fan favorite.

“The Chattahooligans and the city of Chattanooga make a great difference, they make it special,” Hernandez said. “It is hard to explain if you don’t live it. CFC it is a really community-oriented team and the city of Chattanooga loves it and responds to it. In 2015 we drew 18,227 people to an amateur soccer game. That speaks by itself. But the numbers for attendance are not really the special part. The city of Chattanooga and the Chattahooligans love CFC players and players love the Chattahooligans. Every season players and fans do activities together, fans reach out to players to meet their families and invite them to eat, to share life experiences. These things make it personal and that leads to better performances and experiences on and off the field.”

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