Photography by Abby Gengozian

His players call him “coach.” His teammates call him “grandpa.” The Chattahooligans call him “the man.” Soon he will be called “daddy.” But no matter what he is called, Moises Drummond is an impressive striker who is, at age 34, still outplaying the cream of the crop.

Moises began his career at Bryan College, where he earned the title of NCCAA First Team All American three years in a row, as well as became Region 12 Player of the Year. After a short stint with the Greenville Lions, Moises became Coach Drumond at Soddy Daisy High School, where he has coached and taught for over a decade. In November 2011, he was honored with the title of 3-AAA Region Soccer Coach of the Year after his team ended their season with a winning record of 19-3-2.

Not content to merely coach the game he loves, Moises joined Chattanooga FC in 2009, during the Club’s inaugural year. An impressive player who keeps the ball moving quickly and creates frequent offensive opportunities, Moises has been at the center of many exciting events on the Chattanooga pitch. He fondly recalls his first goal scored for Chattanooga FC in 2009: “My whole family was in town for my wedding, and I scored the 3rd goal in a 4-1 win. I ran over to my family and grabbed my nephew out of the stands.” And many of the fans will not soon forget his come-back goal during the 2011 GA Revolution game that set the crowd on fire.

The crowd loves Moises Drumond and Moises loves the crowd. He reports that he truly enjoys the Chattahooligans and their various antics that make the atmosphere amusing, but finds that all of the fans affect the players positively: “The fans really do provide a boost of adrenaline that push you just a little bit more.” Of course, at any given game there is always one person in the crowd that affects Moises positively: his lovely wife Rachel. Rachel is now expecting and is slated to give birth to a boy in June, a boy who will no doubt need cleats as soon as he starts walking.

According to some of his teammates, Moises should barely be able to walk. Apparently, the other players like to rib Moises about his age, but that does not bother him: “I tell them being the oldest gets me special privileges.” While he jokes about getting special treatment, the fans that attend the Knoxville Force game will see a Moises who works and plays as hard as anyone else.

Moises is looking forward to the 2012 season, which brings “a new coach with fresh ideas” and new teammates. He is predicting a fabulous season for Chattanooga FC: “We have a lot of talent here and it makes for an exciting upcoming season. I think when it’s all said and done we will be right up at the top of the table.” Excited about the season opener, he reports “Both teams will be a bit rusty, but I am looking forward to getting off to great start in front of our 5000+ fans!”

Join the 5000. Come watch Moises and Chattanooga FC fight Knoxville Force on 5/5.