Q & A with Peter Fuller

With just a few days left in a truly unforgettable year, we spent some time catching up with Head Coach Peter Fuller about Chattanooga FC’s first professional season, a worldwide pandemic that initially shuttered the season, the rebirth of the fall season, life in the bubble, and what’s on the horizon for next year:

Q: Looking back on the season can you share your thoughts on how things went for the club?

A: Overall it was an excellent season. When you take everything else into consideration, short preseason in February, getting a draw against Oakland on the road in the opener with a short handed lineup, and then the pandemic and everything else that came after that culminating in our semifinal run in the bubble, you have to look at it as a successful season.

Q: Between the pandemic, roster changes and injuries, there were a lot of challenges this year. How do you feel the team navigated them?

A: It’s so important to emphasize the resiliency of our group. This group went through a pandemic together, went on the road for two weeks straight, all while welcoming a documentary crew that hung with us 24/7. The guys handled it magnificently. They never got too high or too low, and that’s the sign of a very successful team and a very successful organization.

Q: Looking toward next year, what can you tell us about who is already under contract for next year?

A: We have picked up options on 14 players from the 2020 campaign, and we’re looking to add another six or seven new faces to that group. We can’t announce names just yet, but will be able to make some exciting announcements very soon.

Q: What type of talent are you looking at adding this off-season?

A: We definitely want to add one or two forwards to the rotation. Ideally we can find a left footed left-side player that can play multiple positions at the back and possibly defensive midfielder. We’ll need to add a goalkeeper as well. Other additions for next year would include some left foot depth on the bench and adding a player with the flexibility to play at a high level on either side of the field.

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