Q. Why did prices go up?

A. We will be guaranteeing more home matches this season (and that number could grow even more if we host playoff matches). On a per game basis, the season passes are actually less expensive than last season.

Q. What happened to Gold and Sky?

A. Our goal is to keep things as simple as possible. In that vein, we are offering two types of season pass for 2019.

Q. Will you have season parking passes?

A. We are still working through how parking will be managed this year. More details to come as they are available.

Q. How old must you be before needing to buy a ticket?

A. All children 6 and under are admitted for free. All others must have a ticket or season pass.

Q. What if I bought an individual ticket to the season opener and I am now buying season pass?

A. We will give you an additional “buddy ticket” to give to a friend, family member, or total stranger.

Q. When will my wristband be shipped?

A. In previous years we shipped wristbands immediately, but this season we are upgrading to a much more sophisticated ticketing system and will have to wait until the new system is implemented to issue wristbands. This season, wristbands will be picked up at the 2019 Jersey Reveal Party.

Q. When will the Jersey Reveal Party be announced?

A. The Jersey Reveal Party will be held in the early spring. Typically we announce the date and location in mid-February.

Q. I bought a season pass jersey and it doesn’t fit.

A. All new and unworn season pass jerseys can be exchanged for a different size at the stadium or at Winder Binder (40 Frazier Avenue, on the Northshore, 423-413-8999).

Q. Where can I get season passes before the season starts?

A. Besides buying online, passes are available at Winder Binder.