Dearest supporters and owners,

On this Valentine’s Day, we want you to know that you are loved. And you are appreciated. We are honored and humbled to be a small part of your lives.

Four weeks ago, we put ourselves out on the line. We put all our chips on the table and hoped that supporters near and far would put their chips in with ours…in the name of something authentic, something real. Something that brings our community together in a way that nothing else has. We hoped that people would see our vision for a collective future for Chattanooga Football Club and become a part of it.

And wow! You answered the call! In just four weeks, we are almost 60% to goal thanks to nearly 2000 new co-owners. 2000! Across every populated continent on the planet. Nearly every state in the US. You told us, and the soccer world, that you wanted to be a part of a soccer club committed to its community. A club determined to build a local soccer ecosystem that gives every person, no matter the income level or neighborhood, the chance to play this beautiful game and play it the right way. A club committed to producing the best level of play that we can, but only in a sustainable way that is authentic to our beloved town.

Make no mistake, while there is worldwide interest in what we are doing, most of our owners come from right here in the Scenic City. You are the ones who come out in the thunderstorms. The blistering, Southern heat. You are the ones who stay with us to the end, no matter what (even brutal penalty kicks). And for that, we thank you!

Thank you for committing to being with us for the next 90 years of Chattanooga Football Club. We will rest peacefully tonight knowing that we are loved by you.

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With great love and appreciation,

Chattanooga Football Club