Chattanooga FC is looking for sponsors for the upcoming 2012 season. In Chattanooga, soccer fans range across the cultural and geographic spectrum, enabling our sponsors to reach a wide variety of audiences, with tremendous buying power throughout the city.

In the past three seasons, more than 53,000 people have attended games in Chattanooga’s Finley Stadium. The Club spends enormous efforts building loyalty among this fan base, through excellent play by top tier players, promotion at home and on the road through advertising sponsors, a high quality web site and a strong social media presence. Our Facebook page boasts more than 4,100 fans and 1,900+ people follow us on Twitter, far more than any other semi-pro soccer club in the United States.

Sponsorships range from title sponsors to a la carte opportunities such as ticket advertising, parking sponsor, VIP area sponsor, Game Day program advertising and more.

If you would like more information on this excellent investment in advertising and in coming alongside loyal soccer fans in our community, please contact Paul Rustand at