Of course we love it when we win, but nothing tells us more about our fans than their support when we don’t. After a hard fought season with more than the usual ups and downs, the Boys in Blue fought their way into playoff contention only to fall in the 1st round of NPSL post-season play.

But 2017 also saw standout performances from seasoned veterans and new recruits alike, and there’s no doubt in our minds that the CFC fields the best players in the NPSL. First on the pitch, and first in the hearts of our fans.

Through it all—the frustrating ties, the thrilling wins and the heartbreaking losses—you were there for us. No matter the score, no matter the outcome, you came out, stood up, and lifted your hearts for our beloved CFC. So thank you Chattanooga, for another amazing summer of the beautiful game in America’s scenic soccer city.

Until next year…

Out of Many, One.