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Become an Owner!

By Chattanooga FC, 01/31/19, 9:11AM EST


For the first time in America, a soccer club is offering fans true ownership.

Become an owner of the Chattanooga Football Club

In 2009, many questioned our decision to start a soccer club in the heart of SEC football country. But what seemed like a pipe dream 10 years ago has inspired communities and clubs around the U.S. to follow in our footsteps.

Our original business plan hoped for an average of 500 fans per game. When more than 1,500 showed up to our first game (and endured a thunderstorm to watch us lose), we knew our dreams could actually become a reality. Just a few years later, over 18,000 fans came out to watch us play in the national championship.

We’re honored and humbled to be in this position. Chattanooga Football Club was founded by a group of local people who care for the welfare of the city and are actively pursuing it through philanthropic efforts, growing small business opportunities, building our entrepreneurial ecosystem, and more. As a founding group, we asked ourselves from day one, “How can we use soccer as a tool to improve Chattanooga and our quality of life?”

Over the last 10 seasons, we’ve invested in our community through time, energy, and resources. Chattanooga FC Women, Chattanooga FC Academy, Chattanooga FC Foundation, Highland Park Commons, Chattanooga Sports Ministries, and Operation Get Active are ways we’ve engaged, invested in, and enriched our community since 2009.

There's even more that we want to accomplish, but we'll need to do it our way, and we'll need your help. The American soccer landscape is currently dominated by a small group of wealthy owners – a model that runs counter to our community-based philosophy. Our model for long-term growth is inspired by the Green Bay Packers’ community ownership structure and we have long dreamed of giving our fans ownership in Chattanooga Football Club.

The time has arrived. We are now taking advantage of recent changes in securities law to offer shares in our club.

This is not just another investment opportunity, it's about love of the game and love of our community. While our focus is always local, we hope our offering inspires a wave of supporter ownership across the U.S, changing the landscape of American soccer by connecting teams with fans and the communities that love them.

We’ve said this from the beginning: Chattanooga Football Club is Chattanooga’s football club.

We’ve tied our fate to a long-term commitment to this community. We are Chattanooga’s team. Invest in Chattanooga Football Club and help us shape the next 90 years to fulfill our dreams together.

Become an owner of the Chattanooga Football Club

  • Note: If you want to buy shares as a gift for friends or family, you must purchase those shares individually.

Questions about ownership? email us at