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10 Questions: Juan Hernandez

By Chattanooga FC, 03/16/22, 4:05PM EDT


As we march to kickoff of the home opener on March 26, we will use 10 Questions to introduce you to the players on the 2022 Men’s team roster. Look for a different player featured each day — plus a couple days where will feature more than one. Our next feature is CFC veteran Juan Hernandez.

1. Did you ever have another dream career besides soccer?
A: I have always love sports and sports science so I’ve always known that my future will be sports related. That is the reason I furthered my education with a master in exercise science. Education is my other passion so I know when I retire form playing I will link both passions because in all honestly I have never seen myself away from the soccer world.

2. How do you decompress after a long week of training?
Q: Spending time with my love ones Summer and Dolly. They are a big part of my life and I want to make sure I spend as much time as possible with them. Between directing, coaching and playing there is not that much free time so I embrace any opportunity i get with them.

3. What was the most nervous you’ve ever been?
A: Waiting for my wife to walk down the isle. Just that moment when you know she is coming and you cannot wait to she how she looks. Such a beautiful moment that made me be nervous, good but nervous.

4. What are your preferred pre-game, locker room and post-game routines?
A: For the most part I like to listen or watch videos usually about personal life or sports accomplishment from different people. It sets up a positive mindset to go into the games. In addition music is always part of the routine. As a postgame my all time favorite will always be walking to CBC and spending some time with the fans. I will always cherish those moments.

5. What’s the most memorable sports moment you’ve had as a fan?
A: Watching Spain win the first European cup and first wold cup in a matter of 2 years. One of the best national teams there will ever be. Watching the way the played soccer it was unbelievable.

6. What sporting event have you always wanted to go to and why?
A: I have never been to a world cup game so hopefully soon since the world cup is coming to the US.

7. What’s your go-to meal the night before a match?
A: Pasta and chicken with zucchini and mushrooms is my to go meal when I am at home but if not usually pasta or rice with a lean meat or fish and some greens.

8. What’s your favorite thing to do around Chattanooga?
A: I really enjoy going to the creeks when the weather cooperates.

9. What do you believe is the greatest challenge most athletes are facing today?
A: Patience and perseverance. We live in a world with instant gratification and instant answers. Being patient and understanding that good and quality things take time is a rare quality among athlete and sometimes even mentors. Understanding the big picture is a gift and for that, one has to work daily and with intention on the small details. I believe the lack of patience affects emotionally many athletes of all levels and sports.

10. What types of emotions are you feeling going into year 8 with CFC?
A: You know, it's something that I have been thinking about lately. I feel happy and calm. Since 2015, I have had the pleasure to give myself for the club that I love and that loves me. I know emotionally and physically I have always put my best interest for the club and that is the ultimate happiness. There has been really good moments within this 7 years, a lot of moments of joy and happiness and other moments in which we needed each other and we grew together. Now, I am really excited to continue to grow and this year is another great opportunity to do so with a new coach and a new philosophy. So far things are looking promising and I cant wait to put the product on the field for the 8th year in a row. See you March 26th!

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