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10 Questions: Ethan Koren

By Chattanooga FC, 03/20/22, 1:30PM EDT


As we march to kickoff of the home opener on March 26, we will use 10 Questions to introduce you to the players on the 2022 Men’s team roster.

As we march to kickoff of the home opener on March 26, we will use 10 Questions to introduce you to the players on the 2022 Men’s team roster. Look for a different player featured each day — plus a couple days where will feature more than one. Our next feature is CFC newcomer Ethan Koren. 

1. Did you ever have another dream career besides soccer?
A: When I was a little kid I probably wanted to be an astronaut or fire fighter but once I found soccer it was over.

2. How do you decompress after a long week of training?
A: After a long week of training I like to decompress by foam rolling, using the hot tub, and laying down while watching or reading something.

3. What was the most nervous you’ve ever been?
A: The most nervous I have ever been would probably be when I went on my first rollercoaster ever.

4. What are your preferred pre-game, locker room and post-game routines?
A: My pre game routine includes rolling out my lower body with the foam roller and properly warming up for the match. While my post game routine includes consuming a protein shake and a banana, as well has rehydrating.

5. What’s the most memorable sports moment you’ve had as a fan?
A: The most memorable sports moment I have experienced as a fan was probably the 2013 champions league final when Bayern Munich beat Dortmund.

6. What sporting event have you always wanted to go to and why?
A: A sporting event I have always wanted to attend has to be a World Cup game or a Champions League game.

7. What’s your go-to meal the night before a match?
A: My go-to meal the night before a match would probably be some sort of pasta dish with grilled chicken, broccoli, and tomatoes.

8. You haven't been in Chattanooga for very long yet... have you found any interesting spots or restaurants you enjoy?  
A: I look forward to some hiking in and around Chattanooga as well as trying some of the restaurants in the area.

9. What do you believe is the greatest challenge most athletes are facing today?
A: I think some of the biggest challenges athletes face today are mental issues that can arise from social media. The list of issues are too long to write here. The best thing to do is focus on yourself and keep working on what will take you where you want to be in life.

10. Who inspired you as a young athlete? Why?
A: As a young athlete the single person that inspired me would be myself. Wanting to always improve my game and better my athletic abilities made myself the centerpiece of inspiration. 

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