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chattahooligan supporter celebrating

Chattanooga native finding her voice and her people with CFC

By Staff, 10/23/22, 1:00PM EDT


You may have seen her atop the capo stand in front of Section 109 at Finley Stadium. Her shiny blue shorts in the summer or shiny white and blue pants this fall are easily recognizable. Ellie Gaudin is relatively new to CFC. She is a lifelong Chattanoogan who just returned after graduating Elon University in North Carolina. One of the first things she did was to plug into her hometown soccer club. We recently sat down with Ellie to learn more about her journey to the top of the capo stand at CFC games.

"I've been a CFC supporter for about two years now. My older brother was in the Chattahooligan section so he's been around for a little while and so I went to my first game and just fell in love with the section. Just off the bat. Loved the music and the energy and the dancing and everything. I just thought it was the greatest thing I had ever seen.

I had met "Breezy" (Andrew Bresee, long-time Chattahooligan) who was doing it (capo) at the time and when I entered the section the first time, I was just amazed with the section as a whole. The first thing I noticed was being up on the stand. I love singing and I love performing and being in front of crowds.

I wanted to do it immediately so I had to find a way to figure out how to do it. So I talked to him and asked how I could get up there and if I could help at all and if I could learn. He said yes and started putting me up there and helping me out teaching me the chats, making sure that I felt comfortable, helping me work with the drums, and helping me meet the section,  just all of it."

chattahooligan Ellie Gaudin cheers from the capo stand

"I decided if I was gonna be up on the stand I wanted to be really out there and just have something that made it memorable that made it special and different than everything else. I could find some really cool shorts some really cool pants something to make it different and go all out and be a full 'hooligan.

I love the the section so much. It's something that I love and it's my happy plac.

We just get to go absolutely all out for the section. I mean that's what we're there for to go absolutely all out. To be there and to celebrate. To cheer. Having a chant that goes quiet a little bit and then just builds with all of your energy and everything forward.

I felt so at home in Section 109. My favorite chant is "Come and Join Us" chant that we sometimes do to start the game. I mean absolutely come over. We're just a group of people who just love to be happy and cheer and celebrate. Join the chants or come help me on the Capo stand.

We can always use more drummers or any instruments. We have trumpets, trombones, and I think I saw tuba one game. I loved it. Such a great community. You can come to the game sit in a different section for half of the game and then come join us for a little bit or come at the beginning and join us.

We tailgate before the game and that's always a great place to say hi hopefully you'll meet someone who will help you walk in. We are always looking to have more people come and join and be a part of the section."


Section 109 is a general admission section at Finley Stadium and the official home Chattahooligans during CFC games. You may purchase a ticket inside Section 109 or you may purchase a ticket somewhere else in the stadium and just join the section. Supporters of all ages are there. You will find children and you will find retirees. You will find people who obsess over soccer and you will find people who are brand new to the sport. 

About The Chattahooligans

The Chattahooligans are an independent supporters group for Chattanooga Football Club. CFC is our passion. We care about our community and our city as much as our club. We boast a culture of inclusivity where all are welcome. We make hospitality a priority. We are excellent to each other.

The Chattahooligans’ operations are conducted by Project Teams that each serve specific functions. These teams include and are not limited to: tailgates, merchandise, tifo, and more. If you have a grand vision for what our community can become, if you don’t but you can contribute a few hours to the cause, or if you are somewhere in between, please sign up using this form and get involved!

We also organize a host of field trips, meetups, and charity events all year, as well as the Chattahooligan Social Hour series. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more information and updates.