A group of Chattanooga venues recently worked together to develop overarching guidelines for reopening their establishments in a way that follows statewide recommendations and new industry best practices.

The new Chattanooga Gathering Guide, crafted by venues large and small, from Songbirds to Finley Stadium, provides several key concepts that these venues have all reviewed and will strive to put in place in their respective sites.

Working collaboratively for several weeks to work through various issues, these venues, which by default bring together people for gatherings of 10 or more people, have agreed to follow certain consistent guidelines to ensure clarity and safety for the community. Each venue will follow its own reopening schedule.

“Our event venues are important to the quality of life in our city, and by working together, we can mitigate confusion and set consistent expectations as we reopen,” said Tara Viland, venue manager of the Signal. “While not every venue will reopen on the same schedule, this coordinated effort should provide our patrons and others with confidence. These venues have put significant time and energy into developing a reopening plan that is consistent with health guidelines and has been done in consultation with our various public officials.”

Featuring recommendations from encouraging mitigation measures consistent with public health guidelines, to training, to onsite medical safety officers, the Chattanooga Gathering Guide provides a roadmap for reopening in spite of the recent challenges due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This effort also highlights the Chattanooga spirit of working together to solve big problems, especially in light of the community’s recent efforts to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

“As someone still relatively new to Chattanooga, it has been amazing to see all of these entities come together with a common goal,” said Jeremy Alumbaugh, managing director of the Chattanooga Football Club. “It has been incredible to be part of a strong, collaborative group of like-minded people who are putting the safety and well-being of their patrons, employees and, most importantly, the entire Chattanooga community as the first priority. Anyone that attends one of these events, whether it is in an indoor venue or outdoors like a Chattanooga FC match, knows that while we are excited about opening back up, we are only doing so with well thought out protocols and procedures with everyone’s safety in mind.”

To learn more about the Chattanooga Gathering Guide, please visit Chattanoogagatheringguide.com.

To learn more about some of the participating venues, please see the list below with venue links to learn more about each venue’s unique timeline to reopen.

Chattanooga Market https://chattanoogamarket.com/

Tennessee Aquarium https://www.tnaqua.org/

The Tivoli Theatre Foundation https://www.tivolichattanooga.com/

Chattanooga Symphony and Opera https://chattanoogasymphony.org/

Chattanooga Football Club https://www.chattanoogafc.com/

UTC https://www.utc.edu/

Finley Stadium https://finleystadium.com/

Songbirds Guitar Museum https://songbirds.rocks/

The Signal https://www.thesignaltn.com/

Friends of the Festival https://riverbendfestival.com/

Bessie Smith Cultural Center http://www.bessiesmithcc.org/

Chattanooga Lookouts https://www.lookouts.com

Chattanooga Sports https://www.visitchattanooga.com/sports/

City of Chattanooga Mayor’s Office http://www.chattanooga.gov/

Hamilton County Mayor’s Office http://www.hamiltontn.gov/