Ticket Exchange Policy

New for 2020, Chattanooga FC is offering Ticket Exchange for Annual Pass holders. Have to miss a match? Contact the Chattanooga FC ticketing office to receive a ticket that can be used at any other Annual Pass match. Great way to bring a friend to a Chattanooga FC match or bring that crazy uncle to join the fun.

How does Ticket Exchange work?
If you are unable to attend a Chattanooga FC home match which qualifies for Annual Pass admission, contact the Chattanooga FC ticket office at tickets@chattanoogafc.com at least 48 hours before the match that you are unable to attend and request a ticket to another Chattanooga FC match that qualifies for Annual Pass admission. Please provide the following:

Your Name
Phone Number
The name of the match that you are unable to attend
The name of the match to which you would like to receive a replacement ticket

A Chattanooga FC ticket staff member will then email you an e-ticket to the game that you requested within 48 hours of your request.

For example, say you cannot attend the home opener against Michigan Stars on March 14. Contact the our ticketing office with the information request above by March 12. We will then remove the Michigan Stars game from your Annual Pass, and we’ll email you a replacement e-ticket to another game which can be shared with a friend. Now, you and your friend can attend the match together.

Once I receive the replacement e-ticket, can I send it to a friend?
Yes, the replacement e-ticket can be shared via email with anyone that you choose.

I’m an Annual Pass holder and I cannot attend a particular game, but instead of requesting a ticket to some other game, I’d like for my friend to attend that game in my place. Is this possible?
Yes, just email us at tickets@chattanoogafc.com and explain your request with the information request above and we’ll turn off your Annual Pass for that game and also send you an e-ticket to that game, which can be shared with a friend. Another option would be for you to simply let your friend borrow your Annual Pass for that match.

I missed a previous game in the season, can I request a Ticket Exchange after the game has passed?
No, all Ticket Exchange requests must be received at least 48 hours before the game that you are unable to attend.

If I request a replacement ticket, will my Annual Pass work for the game that I can’t attend?
No, your Annual Pass admission will be removed for the game that you can’t attend.

Why are you offering Ticket Exchange?
We want to reward our Annual Pass holders with this special perk and and allow them to spread the CFC love with friends!

What games qualify for Ticket Exchange?
Ticket Exchange will apply to games that are included in the Annual Pass admission. This includes at least 18 home games in 2020. Exclusions include playoffs, premium exhibition matches, and US Open Cup matches.

How can I learn more about Annual Passes?
Benefits of our Annual Pass are listed here. Visit our Annual Pass FAQ page here.

Questions? Comments? Contact us at tickets@chattanoogafc.com


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