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Chattanooga Football Club was founded by Chattanoogans for Chattanoogans in 2009. We care deeply for the welfare of the city and are actively pursuing it through philanthropic efforts, growing small business opportunities, building our entrepreneurial ecosystem, and more. As a founding group, we asked ourselves from day one, “How can we use soccer as a tool to improve Chattanooga and our quality of life?”

Over the last 12+ seasons, we’ve invested in our community through time, energy, and resources. Chattanooga FC Women, Chattanooga FC Academy, Chattanooga FC Foundation, Highland Park Commons, Chattanooga Sports Ministries, Operation Get Active, and Chattanooga Football League are ways we’ve engaged, invested in, and enriched our community since 2009.

Now, we are part of the professional ranks of soccer in America through the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA). And, we became the first in America to offer stock in our club directly to our supporters. 3,256 owners in all 50 states and 31 countries call themselves owners.

We’ve said this from the beginning: Chattanooga Football Club is Chattanooga’s football club. We’ve tied our fate to a long-term commitment to this community. We are Chattanooga’s team and we are looking for our next generation of leadership to help us grow at the next level.

Onward CFC!

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